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Florence is the only woman in her family to establish a bead-making business, running it with her husband and employing local youth.

Dan's team of workers from his local area.

Dan makes recycled glass ornaments, key rings and more, using traditional bead-making techniques.

Wall/coat hooks accented with luscious recycled glass beads. Handmade by Dan and his team of local youth for whom this small home-based business is a lifeline.

A near-endless supply of beads, and designs change all the time. It is believed Ghana's glass bead-making is thriving because of this. Keep coming back for new designs!

Stringing is the last stage before beads are ready for sale.

Bead-making is a lifeline for local youth in a country where youth unemployment is high.

Glass beads ready to be hand-painted

Filling local clay moulds with ground glass powder

Cassava grows in abundance in Ghana, and stems of the plant are used in making the holes in glass beads. Inserted in the glass powder prior to firing, they burn off during the process and explain why the bead holes aren't an even width all through.

Simple, hand-held tools are used throughout the process of recycled glass bead-making.

At the heart of recycled glass bead-making is the kiln, made out of local clay, the same material used in making the moulds.

The steel pestle and mortar for grinding used glass items into a powder. In all likelihood it was up-cycled from another object.

Made by a women's co-operative, the recycled plastic beads are light, pretty, and help reduce plastic waste, all the while empowering the women. What's not to like about this?!

Ready to be cleaned, as the final step in a long and laborious process of brass bead-making

Elbow brass beads under construction

Sometimes you may find some charcoal bits in your brass beads; it comes from the mixture of clay and palm fibre used as a casing in the bead-making process. Simply dust it off!

Taking an impression of a modern clasp is a quicker way to make a mould.

What skilled craftsmanship must be needed to fashion a beeswax mould for a tribal mask brass pendant! All brass beads and pendants start in this way.

Brass beads are hand-made one at a time by the painstaking and ancient "lost wax" technique of metal casting. Each resulting bead is truly a winner!

Ghanaian cotton batik are primarily for making garments but equally suited to cushions, curtains, bags and general crafts.

Dyeing, drying and re-dying means you receive a preshrunk piece of batik fabric.

Authentic Ghanaian batik is made the in owners's homes by hand.

Kente isn't all about dressing up... create a unique casual look with a less complicated stole. Nice!

Gold jewellery is indicative of a traditional ruler's wealth and power. Beaded jewellery often worn alongside the gold would be expensive too usually made with Trade Beads and very old Ghana beads. Here, kente cloth and beads are combined in a status symbol of power and wealth.

Want to glam it up? Use kente cloth as a shawl or shoulder wrap... eye-catching! Can be especially handy on cool summer evenings.

Want to stand out on your graduation? Use kente stoles!!!

Use kente strip for a stylish stole, dress it up or down. See other kente photos.

We stock authentic, artisan handwoven kente fabric, recycled glass beads and pendants, and wooden crafts

Handmade from soft white wood and stained, the wall plaques are ready to hang and easy to find space for.

Grace your living room, study or office with this handcrafted ebony wood figurine. Stunning!

Wall plaques are hand-crafted from soft white wood obtained only by government permits.

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